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Recommended Courier Gear

Having the right tools for the task will make your job easier and improve efficiency. This will translate to higher hourly earnings. We have put this shortlist of products together reasons why these are highly recommenced if you are deciding to do food deliveries.

From our own personal delivery experience, we would not do deliveries without the following gear.

Mobile Phone Holder & Mount

Mobile Phone Holder for Food Delivery
Mounting your mobile phone is essential for every food delivery courier regardless if you are delivering by pushbike, motorbike or car. You simply cannot deliver efficiently without one.

So the obvious reasons are legal requirements. All States have generally similar laws regarding use of mobile devices whilst driving; and the fines are huge. Don't risk it, you will eventually get fined. Invest in a suitable holder when you are getting started. Check with your local State laws regarding use of mobiles whilst operating on a road.

When your mobile is mounted in front of you, you will have clear vision of the app delivery opportunities, GPS driving directions and customer messages, 

Also, depending on the app you will use for driving directions, some will also warn you of speed cameras, road closures and other hazards.

We use and recommend RAM mounts and holders which are available from authorised dealer Modest Mounts in Australia.
There are many different styles of insulated food delivery bags available on the market. Our food delivery bags have been designed specifically for fast and efficient work.

The primary food delivery services of Uber Eats, Menulog, DoorDash and Deliveroo require all drivers to have an insulated bag for deliveries. Our bags are approved for use by all of these services.

We recommend you choose a bag that is large enough for multiple orders, is waterproof and features thick insulation for keeping hot and cold food at temperature for longer. The bag should be easily cleanable for the unfortunate spillage. 

Pizza deliveries can be common so you need a bag that can fit 18"pizza boxes. The alternative is buying a dedicated pizza bag but this becomes just another bag to carry around. Choose one bag that can do it all!

We have even delivered groceries using this bag. The strong zip and top handle make carrying an ease. Choosing the right bag will pay for itself in comfort and trouble free deliveries.

Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Uber Eats Food Delivery Bag

Rechargeable Compact Pocket Torch

LEDLenser P3R Rechargeable Pocket Torch
Working at night requires a reliable lighting solution. Finding delivery addresses and navigating paths can be challenging in the dark. A light source will help to prevent injury from a fall.

A lightweight, compact and rechargeable torch is therefore essential. We personally use and recommend the LEDLenser range of torches due to their very good reputation and reliability. These do however come at a high price range. 

Most hand-held LED torches produce excellent illumination and long battery life. 

Why can't I just use my phone light? Batteries drain very fast with the GPS and screen active. The light from mobiles will not always assist with lighting long distances such as house numbering.

We recommend Snowys Outdoors for the best Australian prices on LED Lenser torches.
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